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DESCRIPTION: A recent study shows that one in three men would rather play video games than have sex with their partner. The study, reported in the U. According to Genie James, M.

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Here’s Why More Men Are Turning To Video Games Than Sex

This week we have a newlywed woman whose husband plays way too many video games, and it's affecting their sex life. Game over?. Read more: The 6 Worst Foods to Eat Before Having Sex and the 5 Best. A recent study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine found that. A recent study shows that one in three men would rather play video games than have sex with their partner. The study, reported in the U.K.

Playing Video Games vs. Getting It On - ft. Taryn Southern - Calling In Drunk (S4E1) - 100 Free Sex Hookup!

A recent study shows that one in three men would rather play video games than have sex with their partner. The study, reported in the U. According to Genie James, M. She also explores the causes of low libido. Other symptoms of declining testosterone levels are fatigue, lethargy and weight gain. Advertisement Lack of interest in sex is even starting to affect young men in their 20s. Medical scientists attribute this dismaying trend to the high levels of foreign hormones, called xenohormones, that are found in many of our foods, including meat and milk, as well as in common inhalants such as fumicides and pesticides.

Video games vs sex and foremost, exercise. Go organic when possible to decrease exposure to xenohormones. Give up the nachos and beer while sitting on the sofa. Men who are experiencing low libido and sexual performance issues may also want to consider natural, or bio-identical, testosterone replacement.

Bio-identical testosterone is safe but you will need to find a doctor who can prescribe it and monitor your levels. Other natural testosterone-boosting options are herbal approaches that have been successful in many cultures for centuries, such as Peruvian gingseng or nettle root. For improved erectile performance, clinical studies have found L-arginine, horny goat weed and yohimbe to be effective. Skip to main content.

Comments Anonymous wrote on March 15, - 8: My husband is exactly like this. I can make the most blatant attempts imaginable to engage him, and he blows me off like I'm not even there. It's Video games vs sex only frustrating, but it makes me feel very unattractive.

It also makes it hard for me to be interested when he is "in the mood" because I'm so angry with him for ignoring me. It's sad, because he's only 25 and you would think these problems didn't start happening until later in life. In fact, his own DAD thinks he's crazy because he's in his mid-fifties and still interested in his wife. I really don't know what to do, but it does eventually make a marriage suffer when the man is completely uninterested.

My ex-husband traded our happy sex life to build castles and collect magic tokens in a terribly addicting game called kingdoms of camelot What i learned from this horrific experience is that there are all forms of addictions, this one is the Video games vs sex that targets the weakest and the most vulnerable, if your man is strong and confident and has his family's best intentions in mind, he wouldnt be hiding in a make-belief world in the first place.

Cut your losses and find someone new, no gamer is Video games vs sex waiting around for! I joined a support group when it happened and they explained to me that once your man gets so drawn in that h doesnt care about his sex life anymore, its a done deal, you cant steer him in the right direction, only he can snap himself out of it, all you can do is remo.

Maybe it was your illiteracy that drove him away. And I suppose your sarcasm wins you all the friends? She made a couple typos Didn't realize the grammar nazi would rear its ugly head. David Zilmer wrote on June 4, - Since you are the lead article you have to be asking yourself why would an attractive young woman have problems with her own husband.

Obviously it's your problem for choosing the way you chose. Video games vs sex wrote on July 24, - 2: Anonymous2 wrote on January 2, - 8: I realize I'm several years late to the party, but your comment struck a chord. My husband also in his 20's behaves almost exactly like yours.

Recently, he promised us a romantic weekend together; he spent most of it playing video games. It's hard for me to confront him about this, because he has work stress and deserves a chance to relax, but why can't love-making be part of that relaxation? I can relate to what you said about being too young for this problem.

We have sex so rarely that I feel like we're in our 70's, not our 20's! If it's this bad now, I shudder to think what our love life will be like when we're old.

The sad thing is, like you, I watch his parents together and they can't keep their hands off each other. Wish my husband felt the same way about me. What can we do, stay around and wait for it to get better, or leave them to their fantasy worlds?

It's been nearly three years since your post, so I hope you were able to find a solution. Anonymous wrote on March 1, - 7: Well my husband is currently playing. Its his usual Friday - Saturday Video games vs sex ritual until 3am or so. By Sunday night he is so tired. I have told myself its better he is home then out every weekend. I have spoken to him about this and things change for a week then back to normal. I wonder if he is connecting with someone at work.

Davez wrote on June 4, - I have a theory and maybe I'll have a few seconds to read it. My daughter is 31 years old and she'd spent a good part of her life playing video games or rather being addicted I would say.

Since we are just beginning to understand mechanics physiology and psychology of addiction we are led to believe that an individual like Video games vs sex is doomed. I don't believe that to be the case. I won't shame Video games vs sex by saying that it's your fault but you have to ask yourself the question do you think that Video games vs sex are attractive? That should be one thing to be concerned about the other should be how do you treat this person.

I had exactly the opposite with my ex-wife in our twenties so I don't have experience the same way you do. I can tell you that my ex-wife was uninterested because she didn't care for me and married me only because I was the best option. This is something that I had to come to realize over a period of time. If you got married to somebody just because of sex well there's your answer. Men in their twenties are definitely Video games vs sex in sex and if they're not interested in sex with you Video games vs sex I'll let you draw your own conclusion.

Men are increasingly going their own way because they don't see any advantage in being married having children we're pursuing any kind of a stupid mainstream Video games vs sex. Why would any man want to restrict himself with the shaming and rules that a woman will certainly impose on him. So far all I read is a bunch of victims screaming about how they've been taken advantage of by video gamers. You are a bunch of whining crybabies.

You make a mistake and blame video games. Men who play videogames are interested in video games got that just because you want to interrupt with some sex doesn't mean you're going to get it. Stomp your feet Cinderella you just going to find another guy the same. This is a wonderfully funny comment! I know Video games vs sex we sent them back to their mothers they'd be lost.

James daniels wrote on July 23, - Well maybe it's just you? It seems as if women aren't able to take the same rejection as men do. Or at least it seems that's the women in this chat can't. Maybe he doesn't want to have sex because he doesn't want to have sex. Just because he's in his 20's doesn't mean he's a horn dog, stop stereotyping. Double standards are shit and this is one of them. A man doesn't want to have sex and you call in doctors because he has "low testosterone" or "erectile dysfunction" if a women doesn't want to have sex "men are always so horny" "they never appreciate anything but your body" grow up and act like an adult.

He Video games vs sex wanna have sex because he doesn't want to. There's no medical problems he just would rather play a video game because it provides way more stimulation.

Thas all I gotta say, just stop bitching and moaning, men get turned down for sex all the time and they're just fine.

Women need to learn to deal with that shit too. Matt Video games vs sex on December 19, - 2: Wow, what kinda world do we live in nowadays? I'm a bloke who played a lot until i met my gf, now i hardly touch the console, only on the odd occasion when my gf decides to invite her friends around but thats a different story all together, im 23 and still young so its surprises me to hear this news, to all the ladies that have been left for a game, im sorry and i hope that you fin the one to make you beautiful again because all women are beutiful and deserve to feel that way.

Wait until you get older. Women will nag, bitch, moan, critize and try to piss you off. Don't even take shit from a woman best thing to do is leave and ignore her. Galedhrel wrote on April 7, - 5: This is so nice. I wish my boyfriend would be the same. He thought he found a co-player gf me. I used to play with him even when I wasn't in the mood for the games. Then I stopped doing this because he never has sex with me while Video games vs sex not in the Video games vs sex - currently times per month.

My boyfriend chose skyrim ended sex today. Hurt my feelings because my sexual intercourse drive has been properly non existent, he doesn't know that because we still have sex on a regular basis I don't think it's a case of them choosing video games over lovemaking, I think they imply so caught up with their video games that they wouldn't notice if a pole dancing spectacle appeared in the room!

After ten years of marriage, I have practised that if I'm in danger of to go to bed and horny and hubby is playing a video game, I have to chuck my bra at his head to cook up him realize that I'm equating bedtime with sextime.

My hubby is analogous that with call of duty!!! Usually i perfectly crawl in his lap and start kissing him, at 32w my high-pressure has been nonexistant so he gets that plot turned off pretty instantaneous. Tell him if you don't get some nookie soon, that TV is going to end up in pieces on the sidewalk! My hubby knows when I start comminatory that, I'm serious! He would be upset if you ignored his "need" for sex for a book, video game or message board!

I'd quite play Donkey Kong than sex up dh. At least I know there is some challenge or fun in playing DK, it's always the regardless old thing with dh and I'm tired of trying to talk it out. My ex would choose video games to sex all the beforehand. We still had an active sex life, but it really hurt my feelings.

Men Would Rather Play Video Games Than Have Sex

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It is a sex-positive community and a suitable berth as a service to community of all genders and orientations. That is mostly a 'serious' community - posts and comments that shunt conference last will and testament be removed and may termination in a debar. Posts that do not root for the posting guidelines in the FAQ ordain be automatically removed. Attainment posts and updates are not allowed.

Lean to loosely to share out these in the Regularly Fleshly Fulfilment threads that are provided at near the mods. Fap matter is not allowed. That includes sexist and snatching jokes.

Lying about how to start a conversation? This week we have a newlywed woman whose husband plays way too many video games, and it's affecting their sex life. Game over?. For guys who game, researchers have good news and bad news. The good news is that guys who play video games "chronically," which at..

NN ANGEL BIKINIS 114 Anal brianna double love A recent study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine found that men who played video games...

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